AGOGI: "The Necrophagists" Powerful humanoid lizards known for their toxic saliva and strange naming traditions.

DWARVES: "The Kingless" Former slaves who will only bend the knee to a king long lost.

ELVES: "The Watchers" Masters of the ancient world who struggle to find a place in these conflicted times

GNOMES: "The Architects" Secular innovators who elevated technology through bloodshed and commerce

HUMANS: "The Shapers" Though the youngest of the races, humans remain the dominant force on Seronia

ORCS: "The Wanderers" Tribal humanoids forced from their sacred lands after the The Dark Wars.


CAMBION: "The Damned" Wandering Xibalba spawn in pursuit of unlimited freedom and vice.

EL'JO: "The Exalted" Reincarnated celestials who have lost most of their memories. 

JANNI: "The Wishers" Genie-blooded humans who served as pawns during the Wish War.

MULVAN: "The Lost" Shapeshifting plants looking for their own voice after losing their collective consciousness

OVI'CAN: "The Vestiges" The conquered enemies of the Leng Empire, the Ovi'can are converted killers stripped of their former lives and memories.

PANDER: "The Pipers" Capricious satyrlings stranded on Seronia after a cataclysmic event on the plane of Eridu

QRITANI"The Weavers" An all female race of warriors and witches who instill fear in the tribes of Thule. 

SHIRYO: "The Deathless" Spawn of Tenshi and mortal unions existing in our world and the afterlife simultaneously

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