ELYSIUM: The illuminated mountain, a seemingly small realm consisting of one colosseum surrounded by clouds of incandescence.

Rulers: Zedek, Agwu

Notable Denizen: Anapiel the Godtree, provider of celestial sustenance

ERIDU: The jewelled garden of fey and elemental chaos, whose dual mountains known as The Twins reach as high as the banks of Elysium and whose Mire of Tamtu reaches down to Gehenna.

Rulers: Cybele, Middage

Notable Denizen: Humbaba the Terrible, giant guardian of The Twins

THE SCHISM - The buffer realm between Xibalba and Elysium, where a constant war rages between the forces of those realms. Whenever someone dies on this realm, they are resurrected the following day.

Ruler: Kalika

Notable Denizen: Asag The Demonic Mountain (General for Xibalba), Azrael the Scrivener (General for Elysium)

GEHENNA- The Valley of Ashes underworld, where staples like the Gallows of Ignorance, the Fields of Ylem, and the Infinite Crypts exists.

Ruler: Ixtab

Notable Denizen: Chepi the Caretaker, information broker for the Infinite Crypts

XIBALBA: Hell realm populated by aristocractic devils in cities of high society, warring against the barbarian hordes of demons who roam the realm looking for constant blood shed.

Ruler: Lempo (Devils), Nergal (Demons)

Notable Denizen: Lady Midday, riddle posing murderess 

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