Chausson Style (Combat, Style)

Acrobatics 3 ranks, Improved Unarmed Strike, Scorpion Style

Bonuses for fighting on uneven ground ; may use STR or INT for Scorpion style

Chausson Whip (Combat, Style)

Acrobatics 6 ranks, Chausson Style

Reduce Acrobatic penalties by 5 ; may use Scorpion Style during a full attack action.

Chausson Hook (Combat, Style)

Chausson Style, Chausson Whip, Acrobatics 9 Ranks

May use full movement with Acrobatics ; crits in Chausson style provoke attacks of opportunity

Elven Dueling Mastery (Combat)

Proficient with Elven Warblade,  Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Elven Warblade). Quick Draw

Gain bonuses while wielding an Elven Warblade; counts as duelist weapon

Elven Spear Mastery (Combat)

Proficient with Elven Leaf Spear, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Elven Leaf Spear), Combat Reflexes

You may use an Elven Leaf Spear in one hand and brace as an immediate action

Dukaz Style (Combat, Style)

Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple,  BAB +2 or monk level 1 or wild dwarf level 1

You do not suffer any penalties to AC or CMD whenever you gain the grappled condition.

Dukaz Strike (Combat, Style)

Weapon Focus (any light piercing weapon), Dukaz Style, BAB +5 or monk level 5 or wild dwarf level 5

Make a grapple check when you damage an opponent with a light piercing weapon

Dukaz Clinch (Combat, Style)

Dukaz Style, Dukaz Strike, BAB +8 or monk level 7 or wild dwarf level 7

You may perform both a move and a damage action after maintaining a grapple instead of one

Lidardi Training (Combat)

Weapon Finesse or Weapon Focus [any blocking weapon] or gnome level 1

Your dodge bonus to AC increases by 2 when fighting defensively or using total defense

Lidardi Appel (Combat)

Lidardi Training, Combat Expertise, Bluff 1 rank

You may gain a dodge bonus to your AC instead of denying dexterity bonus with a successful feint

Lidardi Parry (Combat)

Lidardi Training

Allies gain a deflection bonus to AC and CMD when adjacent to you

Lidardi Displacement (Combat)

Lidardi Training, BAB +3

Gain a bonus on your Reflex saving throws and to your when fighting defensively

Lidardi Trompement (Combat)

Lidardi Training, Lidardi Appel, BAB +6

You can make a single melee attack at a -4 while taking the total defense action


Echoes of Eridu


Gain DR against one enemy targeted by your racial ability

Entangling Vines


May entangle enemies with a personal vine

Metal Turning

Highborn Vonyan

May use Ironblood ability to break weapons

Mu Magic

Mulvan, spellcaster level 1

You have access to additional plant based spells

Shark Affinity


Gain the ability to speak with sharks

Spirit Sense


May speak with the recently dead


Golden Lion Training

Selvandan human or fighter level 2, weapon focus (any axe)

Grant a free attack, minus shield bonus when you critically hit

Karokarthel Bomber

Bomb class ability, ability to cast fly or Death From Above

Use aid other action in conjunction with a bomb attack

Namestone Friend

Agogi or special (see feat description)

May stabilize, use telepathy at a limited range with namestone owner

Rondel Finish

Selvandan human or rogue level 4

Coup de grace is only a standard action if both are adjacent to the target

Thornheart Archery Training

Selvandan human or ranger level 2, weapon focus (any bow)

Render targets struck by a bow flat-footed for remainder of the round

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