Hello gamers. This is my homebrew world for my local Pathfinder gaming group called Seronia. Seronia is a medium magic, near Earth world with emerging technology. This is a world where the Iron Legion of the Gnomish Empire wield rifles and golems to mercilessly clear Orcish lands for resources, human aristocracies and hagiocracies clash for the right to rule when the nature of the gods becomes unclear, elves brood in alienages and partitioned lands after a catastrophic war destroyed their ancestral home, dwarves struggle to keep their cultural identities without a heir to the Thousand Chains Throne, and otherworldly powers plot to bring us to  the Age of Ylem- a return to the primordial afterbirth of the universe.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope to game with you soon- Jesse

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  • 2.01.13 Added two new classes, The Bravo and Al-Kimya. Updates to The Planes of Seronia and Gods of Seronia.
  • 2.02.13 Added the Ten Swords Templar prestige class.
  • 2.14.13 Updated the Vonyan human ethnicity to reflect Highborn Vonyan and Lowborn Vonyan.
  • 3.08.13 Updated the Feat section.
  • 3.09.13 Updated the Equipment section
  • 3.14.13 Added the Qritani race.
  • 6.03.13 Added the Shardo human ethnicity, as well as languages.
  • 6.05.13 Added the Agogi Telepath oracle archetype.
  • 6.07.13 Added the Karuon variant to the Mulvan race.
  • 7.04.13 Added an image of Leng, the moon of Seronia and the Chausson Style feats.
  • 7.12.13 Added the Leng human ethnicity and rules on creating biracial humans.
  • 7.13.13 Added the Kyosha variant to the Shiryo race.
  • 7.17.13 Updated the Pander racial stats and added the Apostate Pander variant.
  • 7.19.13 Added background for the Mulvan and Qritani races; added the Qritani Matron variant.
  • 7.20.13 Added Races of Seronia PDF for download.
  • 7.25.13 Updated the Feat section, as well as added new racial and teamwork feats.
  • 8.05.13 Added the Sagaz and Zenovan human ethnicities
  • 8.08.13 Added random height, weight, and age tables for all custom races and ethnicites
  • 8.10.13 Added the Greyguard paladin archetype.
  • 9.24.13 Added the Huntsman fighter archetype.
  • 9.25.13 Added the Ursar wild dwarf barbarian archetype.
  • 9.26.13 Added the Sacred Hunter elf ranger archetype.
  • 11.21.13 Added the Tenshi prestige class.
  • 12.31.13 Added the Magpie monk archetype.
  • 1.11.14 Added the Cambion and El'jo races. Added new artwork for most races.
  • 1.19.14 Updated the Levantine human ethnicity to reflect Hagiocratic Levantine and Aristocratic Levantine.
  • 9.7.14 Added the Ovi'can race.

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